Vet Tech Appreciation Ideas: 11 Ways to Appreciate Vet Techs

Vet Tech Appreciation Ideas: 11 Ways to Appreciate Vet Techs

Veterinary Technician Appreciation Ideas

Veterinary technicians or veterinary assistants are often overlooked. Without vet techs, your pet will not be prepared adequately for surgery. There will not be anyone to provide emergency first aid. And there won’t be intimate nursing care for your pet. There are many other tasks that vet techs do behind the scene to keep the vet office chaos-free.

Vet techs are trained professionals. Their jobs are different, but they are as important as veterinarians. Their day-to-day tasks include greeting clients, answering phones… drawing blood… restraining pets… and helping with surgical procedures, as well as cleaning animal cages.

If you feel they are doing a great job, here are 11 ways you can show appreciation to the veterinary technicians:-

1. Write a thank-you note to the vet techs

Start with a thank-you note. This is a simple way to make a veterinary technician’s day. This is different from a verbal thanks. When you take the time to write it down, a simple thank you becomes extra special. It means even a lot more than sending a thank you email or text. This is a good appreciation idea from kids.

2. Send flowers to the vet technicians

This complements the above gift. When sending flowers to someone, you often accompany it with a note. Flowers don’t have to be expensive. A simple vase with a daisy will do the trick. The vet techs will feel appreciated for sure. This is a great way to say thanks to the veterinary folks for helping your pet.

3. Surprise them with snacks

This is a great gift idea for your vet tech if you know which kind of snack they often eat. Be it muffins, donuts, or any other treat. Include a special touch by wrapping it in a gift box and deliver it to their offices. Consider ordering a variety of treats so that they can try different snacks they don’t get on their own. This is a cool & casual way for the supervising vet to reward the vet techs.

4. Bring a basket of fruits or box of chocolates

A box of chocolate of basket of fruits is also a great gift idea for your vet tech who has a sweet tooth.

5. Acknowledge the vet tech on social media

Do a shout out to your veterinary technician on social media. Acknowledge the great job they did for your pet. You can do this by uploading photos of them in the line of duty or by posting a thank you message on your social media. Tag them in your post if you know their social media handles.

6. Host professional development classes

As a veterinary clinic, help the vet assistants grow by providing professional development classes. This might also help you retain their services for the long haul.

7. Bring a DIY tech survival kit

Presenting your vet tech with a survival kit shows that you care about their well-being. Create a fun DIY kit featuring pain relief, caffeine, breath mints, band-aids, etc.

8. Start a conversation

Sometimes just engaging in a conversation can be refreshing to them. Don’t just talk to your vet techs when explaining your pet’s problems to them. Take time to show interest in their lives outside the office, you might be surprised how much you have in common. Maybe you love the same sport or team. This is best done by the supervising vet, management, or frequent clients.

9. Send the vet tech a picture of your pet

This can be a great way of showing your appreciation towards a vet tech. There is a good chance the veterinary has developed a close relationship with your pet. Show your support by getting them a souvenir they can place at their desks or break-room. Consider accompanying the photos with some thank you notes or gifts to make it special.

10. Let the vet technicians know they have done a great job

It is important to tell a person when they do a great job. So next time when you visit the vet office be sure to tell the vet tech ‘job well done’, with a smile of course! Even if they didn’t care for your pet that day, let them know that they have been doing a great job since day one.

11. Send them an artwork

An art project is a gift that will stay with the vet tech for many years. They will remember you and your gesture every time they see the artwork. You can get help from your family to come up with a nice art project for your veterinary technician. It can be in the form of a drawing or photo collages. Be creative and come up with a fun crafty gift.

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